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ide and diverse is probably the easiest way to sum up my experience within the canine world! It would be impossible to include everything here so I will just stick to a very potted version … Read More » was born in Sussex. Both my parents were in the medical profession and my childhood was


Ita/Int/Monaco Ch/Sh Ch Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar obituary


very small selection of the published articles I have written is given below; unless otherwise indicated, I am the author.

Balancing the books

Dog World, September 2011 opefully you all read and enjoyed Frank Kane and Mike Tempest’s contributions last week. I’m sure both will elicit a tremendous amount of discussion and debate. In fact, I noticed the Dog World Facebook page had attracted almost 50 comments about the topic of Frank’s piece before the article was even

Behind the scenes

Dog World s I have covered the introductions for quite a few of our championship shows for a number of years now, I thought it might entertain readers to share some of the incidents which don’t normally make it into the paper. I would hasten to add that many of these events took place a

Breed watch

Dog World, 16 April 2010 don’t think that I’ve made any secret of the fact that I support the KC and its initiatives. I often feel that it’s in a no win situation and no matter how hard it tries, the vociferous few will always find fault and are very vocal in their condemnation. In

Canine hip scores

ohn Morgan’s thought provoking research paper about canine hip scores; I enjoyed many discussions with John on the subject at shows and think it is a must read for all those interested in hip scoring. He kindly gave me permission to reproduce it here but: ** Please note this is copyright and must not be

Canine overview

ide and diverse is probably the easiest way to sum up my experience within the canine world! It would be impossible to include everything here so I will just stick to a very potted version. I award Challenge Certificates in Gordon Setters and have judged at this level many times throughout the UK. International judging

Carek Gordon Setters

Potted history of the influential Carek Gordon Setters bred by Yvonne Horrocks

Comments or questions?


Dog World, August 2012 any readers will be aware I have a small boarding kennels, so I’m never at any shows during the Scottish school summer holidays throughout July. I have to admit that we are very lucky as the present economic climate does not appear to have affected the north east of Scotland too

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Ferndel Comands Attention at Shannas

Jenna, is Sophie’s granddaughter, and John kindly let her come to us during 2018.

Ferndel Fashion News

Kay, CIE It Champion Welsh Springer Spaniel bitch

Ferndel Limited Edition at Shannas

Jimmy joined us at the beginning of 2018 and exudes character.

Ferndel News Flash from Shannas

Ash, son of Ferndel Top Story

Ferndel Philosopher at Shannas

Danny, male Welsh Springer Spaniel show champion

Ferndel Silhouette of Cwsscwn

Silha is owned by Andrew Morgan and David Schofield but exhibited by their wives, the two Chrisses.

Ferndel Top Story at Shannas

Sophie, dam of top winning Welsh Springers

Ferndel True Story with Chanangel

Nettle, Welsh Springer Spaniel UK champion bitch who won multiple European titles too

Gordon Setter hip analysis

The Gordoner, 2008 here tends to be a constant turnover of people, be they exhibitors, breeders or whatever, who are involved in any given breed at any one period of time. This applies to all breeds and Gordon setters are no exception. As this is the case, and as it seems to have been some

Gordon Setters

Individual dogs


Jet is the oldest dog ever to have been awarded best in show in the 120-year history of Crufts.

Jet best in show

Dog World, 2 March 2012

Normal life

Dog World s some of you may know, in between trundling up and down the M6 to go to dog shows, I own and run a small boarding kennels. One of the questions that my regular customers seem to be posing more and more frequently seems to be ‘Wouldn’t you like to lead a NORMAL

Oesophagus problems

Irish Setter Breeders Club, Summer 1994 his article is not done with the intention of attributing blame to anyone – it is simply to try and make other breeders aware of a problem I had with a litter of Irish Setter puppies. My bitch had a normal pregnancy/whelping and produced 12 puppies (6 dogs, 6

Our Welsh Springers

How and why Welsh Springer Spaniels arrived at Shannas

Outwith dogs

was born in Sussex. Both my parents were in the medical profession and my childhood was spent living in a house within the grounds of a very large psychiatric/geriatric hospital. It might sound horrendous as these institutions were not renowned for pleasantness and were probably most remembered by the term ‘lunatic asylum’. There was, however,

Positive actions

Dog World, 26 February 2010 oincidence is a funny thing. A couple of weeks ago, I received an email containing very good news about my breed and when I read it, I remember thinking ‘this deserves to get some publicity’. A few days later, I was asked to pen a few words so hopefully the

PRA statement

Statement about the discovery of PRA, an inherited eye disease, in Gordon Setters

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e do not share personal information with third parties nor do we store any information about your visit to this site other than to optimise your content and reading experience through the use of cookies. You can turn off the use of cookies at any time by changing your specific browser settings. We are not

Setters and Pointers

Dog World, 31 December 2010 raditionally, New Year is a time to look back as well as look forward. As this Friday Essay is due for publication on New Year’s Eve, I am going to take the opportunity to do just that. History has always been a subject that fascinates and intrigues me – for

Shannas Colonial at Liric

Chance, show champion male Gordon Setter; Dog World Top Stud Dog 2010

Shannas Daimler

Bentley, top winning Gordon Setter

Shannas Family Affair

Challenge Certificate winning female Gordon Setter

Shannas Family Fortune

Midnight, male Gordon Setter

Shannas Journalist

Top winning Gordon setter with many European titles; Best in Show at the international Gordons2000 event held in the UK

Shannas Keepsake for Cromasaig

Show Champion Gordon Setter bitch

Shannas Mercedes

Sticky, female Gordon Setter, who produced show champions

Shannas Midnight Shadow

Kayleigh, female Show Champion Gordon Setter

Shannas Petrochelli at Glenquest

Brodie, male show champion Gordon Setter

Shannas Pinotage

Toby, show champion Gordon Setter

Shannas Romance

Zoe, female Gordon Setter

Shannas Scarpetta for Benbenuti

Maddie, Challenge Certificate winning Gordon Setter bitch

Shannas Solitaire

Phoebe, female show champion Gordon setter, winner of championship show gundog group

Shannas Trademark

Trader, male Gordon Setter

Shannas Wavedancer of Tarcoulter

Travis, male Gordon Setter show champion

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Dog World, December 2011 s you read this, Christmas will have come and gone and providing the postal service hasn’t let everyone down and delayed delivery of your Dog World, you may well be taking some time out from making your very final preparations to celebrate the New Year in the next few hours. I’m

We need experienced breeders

Dog World, July 2011 ecently I spent the day amusing myself by watching some of the excellent videos produced by dogworld.tv. If you haven’t seen them yet, it really is worthwhile. They are fascinating to view and are of excellent quality. Even my painfully slow broadband speed managed to cope without encountering problems. The speed


Shannas Gordon Setters and Welsh Springer Spaniels

Welsh Springer Spaniels

Wickenberry Mystique

Misty, female show champion Gordon Setter, foundation of Shannas Gordons

Yogi, the boy from Oz – Crufts Best in show winner 2010

The story about Sh Ch/Aus Ch Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind, pet name Yogi, who won Best in Show at Crufts in 2010