Head study of black and tan dog
Source: Shannas

Shannas Wavedancer of Tarcoulter, ‘Travis’ was owned by Kate McKnight and usually handled by her daughter, Susan. We are delighted that he has won so well for them at all levels.

He gained his third Challenge Certificate to become a Show Champion from Steven Rhodes at Crufts in 2013 and was BOB as well. His first CC was awarded by Paul Woodhouse at Scottish Breeds in 2011; the second came from Freda Marshall at the Scottish Kennel Club championship show in August 2012.

Travis continued to win CCs as a Veteran and was the Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Top Veteran for 2013.

Show Champion Shannas Wavedancer of Tarcoulter

(Sh Ch Lochfain Not To Be Denied for Bareve x Shannas Quizzical)

18/04/2004 – 19/03/2017 BVA/KC hip score 6/3 total 9; DNA tested CLEAR for late onset PRA