Gordon Setter males


Ita/Int/Monaco Ch/Sh Ch Caballus Ebonie Adonis Ludstar obituary

Shannas Colonial at Liric

Chance, show champion male Gordon Setter; Dog World Top Stud Dog 2010

Shannas Daimler

Bentley, top winning Gordon Setter

Shannas Family Fortune

Midnight, male Gordon Setter

Shannas Journalist

Top winning Gordon setter with many European titles; Best in Show at the international Gordons2000 event held in the UK

Shannas Petrochelli at Glenquest

Brodie, male show champion Gordon Setter

Shannas Pinotage

Toby, show champion Gordon Setter

Shannas Trademark

Trader, male Gordon Setter

Shannas Wavedancer of Tarcoulter

Travis, male Gordon Setter show champion